School Closures / Inclement weather

School Notification Alerts

Please make sure the school has your most up to date email and phone number so updated announcements are received.
In the event of snow or other inclement weather causing a school closure or late start we will put out alerts via the following methods:

Family Notifications

In the event of closures or late starts, we will send out a ParentSquare Notification to primary guardians that have supplied their information to their student's school. Please make sure the information is accurate.

School Bus Snow Routes

In the event that buses are on snow routes please reference the Snow Route Page.

Please note: When OCSD is delayed or closed due to inclement weather, ALL OCSD buses will be canceled or delayed for all schools.

Staff Notifications

District and school leadership will communicate to staff with mass email notification, ParentSquare, or via phone as part of an established building calling tree. 

Inclement Weather Procedures for Students Receiving Specialized Transportation

In the event of inclement weather conditions, decisions regarding specialized transportation will be based upon the school closure and delay decisions made by both the Oregon City School District and the district where a student is currently living, also known as the resident district. 

For families residing outside Oregon City School District (OCSD) boundaries and whose students receive specialized transportation services, the following will apply:

  • If OCSD closes, no transportation will be provided.

  • If the resident district closes, no specialized transportation will be provided - even if OCSD remains open.

  • If the resident school district announces a two-hour delayed opening, specialized transportation will be provided on a two-hour delay if OCSD remains open or on a similar two-hour delay.

  • Finally, if OCSD announces a two-hour delayed opening, specialized transportation will be provided on a two-hour delay UNLESS the resident school district closes.

Weather Stations


Candy Lane:

Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences (CAIS):





Transportation and Maintenance Facility:


Oregon City High School (OCHS)

Oregon City Service Learning Academy (OCSLA)