Photo Sharing Information


At Oregon City School District we like to showcase our students and all the positive things they do. We enjoy sharing our stories with the student body, the community of Oregon City and beyond. School and student life is shared via a variety of methods including but not limited to print, video, and the web. Parents and community members use these resources as a great way to stay "connected" and see what is happening inside our schools and district.

Special Security Concerns

We realize that there are situations where the sharing of simple student information (name, photo, age, etc.) could pose a security risk (custody issues, witness protection, etc.). We work with families to help protect students in any case where certain issues are present. 

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

We adhere to the FERPA guidelines and allow for student privacy when requested with this form by parents or legal guardians of students less than 18 years of age. Students over 18 years of age can fill out this form on their behalf. 

Managing the Release of Student Information

While it is technically impossible to prevent your student from being seen in a public setting, we take student privacy and safety seriously. Please note that we don't send out or publish your home address or phone numbers. The only exception, which is federally mandated, includes sharing information with Military Recruiters along with qualifying agencies and colleges. In years past managing thousands of students with a variation of different releases for different communications have proven to be nearly impossible. To this end, we have decided the only logical and manageable way to handle this is an "all in" or "all out" student release of information. 

“Opting-Out” means Privacy at the Cost of Exclusion 

If you need to protect your student’s privacy, it will mean that your student is excluded from appearing in various media and communication channels. Opting-out includes being excluded from pictures, websites, yearbooks, newspapers, videos and anything else that is easily shared. Opting-out would also mean exclusion from team pictures, activity pictures, and anything else that could compromise privacy. 

How We Manage Privacy and Exclusion

If you need to opt-out your student from appearing in various publications and outlets, it will mean they are either blurred out of pictures or quietly asked to remove themselves from scenes that are to be photographed, etc. If you decide to have your student excluded from these various forms of communication, it is strongly recommended that you talk with them about your decision so that they can fully understand the reasoning behind it. Furthermore, we ask that you tell your student to try to remember to remove themselves from situations that are being photographed to help avoid your student from having to be singled out.  

By Opting-Out you understand that your student will be:

  • Excluded from team pictures, activity pictures, class pictures, theater pictures, etc. (removed physically or digitally)

  • Excluded from showing off student work

  • Excluded from special interest stories and articles

  • Excluded from school videos

  • Excluded from appearing alongside classmates on school/district website

  • Excluded from school yearbook